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We carry specialty cheeses, crackers, jams, sauced and olive oils and vinegars, along with other gourmet food items, many from Georgia and beyond.



  The CORK sells a variety of olive oils and vinegars from Georgia Olive Farms and B.R. Cohn, which also is a winery in California. Customers also can purchase from a large section of prepackaged gourmet foods, including:  
  • All-natural olive bruschetta and other dips from Sable & Rosenfeld (available with chips and crackers)
  • Pickled veggies from Phickles (Athens, Ga.)
  • Rubs, spices and sauces from a variety of small-batch vendors
  • Jams from Sallie's Greatest (South Carolina) and Georgia's Merrilily's Gardens
  • Bitters and other cocktail condiments from Kentucky's Woodford Reserve/Bourbon Barrel Foods and Sable & Rosenfeld
  • Jams, jellies and spreads from Georgia-based Unicoi Preserves and Emily G's